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Sylvania is for those that dream of a special place tucked away in the woods. It is a get-away where guests leave feeling renewed and rested. Enjoy time with family and friends by doing some fishing, relaxing in a hammock or sitting around a campfire. Accommodating a very small number of guests, it is easy to find privacy on the extensive acreage. We offer a unique and varied choice in lodging and feature romantic luxury cabins for couples.


This very special get-away affords all the comforts and pleasure a luxury cabin can offer. Situated high on the creek, guests enjoy the sound of the rushing water and spectacular view of the renowned Mast Hope Brook.

Two Bridges

Wonderful views of the woods, brook and distant mountain. Sliding glass patio doors take you to the deck to relax and dine. Interior pine siding milled from out trees on the walls and ceiling add to the rustic appeal and setting.

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This cabin is ideal for those that like a true feeling o escape and privacy. There is a stone fireplace with Norwegian wood stove, a second floor loft with vaulted ceiling and queen sized bed provides a comfortable sleeping area.

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