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American Tree Farm

As a member of the American Tree Farm System, past and present management practices of the woodlands are visible throughout the property. Guests are informed that being a part of the Tree Farm System is more then just growing trees. An important element of the Tree Farm logo is recreation and education.

At the Tree Farm, we open up our property and make it available for guests to enjoy, while educating them about forestry techniques. We maintain roads and trails, control erosion, manage wildlife, and protect natural habitats. All of our cottages are constructed from timber and bluestone harvested directly from the property. The firewood we burn and the maple syrup we use on our pancakes are also products that are derived directly from our property. We strive to conserve our heritage and history, as well as our beautiful piece of property for generations to come. These are all very important aspects of being part of the American Tree Farm System. Guests at Sylvania Tree Farm not only enjoy wonderful accommodations but leave with a better understanding of the history of this area and what it means to be a real "tree farmer."


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